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Yoga Video: Jump Through With Blocks

Posted By Fitness on Oct 10, 2007 at 4:00AM

The jump through vinyasa is one of the toughest moves to master in Yoga, but it's an important move to learn since it brings an amazing sense of fluidity to your practice. If you've tried it a million times, and are constantly kicking your hands or crashing your booty into the ground, then you are probably frustrated.

Here's a trick to make your attempts successful and to strengthen your core muscles, which are vital for mastering the jump through. Check out the video.

Want a detailed explanation of how to do this? Then

  • Begin in Down Dog holding onto a set of blocks. Keep those blocks stable as you hop both feet forward between your hands. Practice this a couple of times, working on making it all the way in between the blocks. It's very important to work on engaging your abs and pelvic floor to slow down the jump, so you can land as softly as possible (without making a sound).
  • When you're ready, this time instead of landing on the soles of your feet, you want to land on the tops of your feet. All your soft and slow jumping practice will come in handy here, because if you land too hard, it'll hurt your feet. As you jump from Down Dog, engage your core, bend your knees, point through your toes and land on the tops of your feet ever so gently. To get back to Down Dog, just press into the tops of your feet and pop back (that's my favorite part).
  • Once you've got that down, this time as you jump forward, you want to cross at your ankles as you land on the tops of the feet. Continue working on engaging your core muscles, which will help to slow this move down and give you more control when you land. Try to keep your knees as close together as possible since eventually they'll need to fit between your arms. Practice this a few times.
  • Now you're ready for the jump through. You're still going to cross at your ankles and point through your toes, but you're going to jump passed your hands and land in a seated position on your bum. Take it slowly at first because it doesn't take much to get you through. To get back to Down Dog, just bend your knees into your chest, cross at your ankles, press into the blocks to lift your hips off the ground and jump back to Chaturanga (4-Limbed Staff) or straight to Down Dog.

Have fun practicing this jump through. Not only will it work your core and stretch out your hamstrings, but all that jumping will work your heart as well.